NFL Spreads

Best Online Sportsbooks for NFL Spread Betting

1. BetOnline Sportsbook – US Bettors Welcome

The BetOnline Sportsbook is known for posting early NFL lines. They usually have their point spreads and totals posted late on Sunday for the following week. Their NFL money lines usually get posted on Monday.

BetOnline has a standard 10% vig on NFL spread bets, money lines, and over/unders. They also offer a ton of NFL props, along with futures bets for division, conference, and Super Bowl Champions.

The BetOnline Sportsbook has been in the online sports betting industry since 1991, and are extremely popular with American bettors. Millions of handicappers have wagered real money at BetOnline, mostly on popular US sports like NFL & NCAA football, NBA & NCAA basketball, MLB baseball, UFC mixed martial arts & others. They have minimum bet amounts of just $2, with some the highest maximum bets offered by US sportsbooks. They are a great choice for casual & professional punters alike.

BetOnline accepts Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and other deposit options from players in the United States. All of the most popular deposit & withdrawal options are available for those outside USA.

BetOnline now offers mobile betting for all types of mobile devices. Their mobile betting software is simple to use, and loads quickly. The mobile betting site is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Windows based phones. Basically, if your cell phone or mobile device is internet enabled, you can bet at BetOnline Mobile. To simplify the signup process, we highly recommend that new players register and fund their accounts online through their computer. This is a tedious process to do on a mobile device, but very simple & fast on a computer.

BetOnline continues to expand their live NFL betting options, now with hundreds of wagers that can be placed during a single game. With a funded account at BetOnline, bettors can watch NFL games on tv and place bets on individual plays during the game. For example, if it’s third and short, you can place a wager on whether or not the team will convert a first down.

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2. TopBet Sportsbook – US Bettors Welcome

The TopBet Sportsbook is one of our top picks for NFL betting because they accept US bettors and offer a tons of NFL betting options.

The TopBet sports betting software is extremely easy to use, even for new handicappers. Plenty of simple deposit options are available, including Visa credit & debit cards. The fastest withdrawal options are MoneyGram or check by mail, which generally gets to your door within 10-14 days.

The TopBet Sportsbook offers a nice selection of NFL football betting options, and their lines go up early. They offer point spreads on every NFL game, plus money line bets, totals (over/under), prop bets, futures and more. Their minimum wager amount is just $2, and maximums range depending on the type of bet you’re making. In general, their limits are plenty high enough for casual punters and some professionals as well.

The TopBet Sportsbook offer handicappers a number of NFL promotions, including Wednesday Night Happy Hour where all sides are -105.

While Visa is the most popular way to make a real money deposit, bank wires have the largest maximum deposit amount. For high stakes & professional handicappers, the best deposit method for large deposits is bank wire. Bank wire deposits of up to $100,000 USD are accepted.

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3. Bet365 Bookmaker – Non-US Customers Only

Bet356 is an online bookmaker focused on the UK market, but they still offer NFL spreads and a wide variety of betting options. You’ll also find a variety of NFL prop bets such as who will score first, the first team to reach 10 points, the winning margin and much more. The list of NFL bets at Bet365 is actually better than many US bookmakers.

If you live outside the US but would like to make NFL bets, Bet 365 is the best choice. In fact, this sportsbook would be ranked higher if it accepted bettors from the US. Sign up through one of our links and you’ll get a 100% deposit bonus worth up to €100.

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NFL Point Spreads Explained

In almost every NFL football game, one team is perceived to be stronger than the other. In order to make the betting attractive on both sides of the wager, online sportsbooks use point spreads to handicap the better team. Then, the favorite must win by that number of points for bets on them to win. In NFL football sports betting, spread bets are the most popular type of wager. Money line and over/under bets are popular as well, but most cappers bet on the spread. You’ll also find that most handicappers that write for sports websites base their NFL picks on the spread.

For example, let’s say we have a matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Diego Chargers. In this example, the Chiefs are big underdogs so the point spread would look something like this:

Kansas City Chiefs     +7.5

San Diego Chargers    -7.5

In this case, the favored Chargers would have to win by at least 8 points for bets on them to win. The Chiefs bettors have it a little easier because they can lose by up to one touchdown and still be credited with the win. By setting up the betting in this manner, online sportsbooks are able to get a more equal amount of action on both sides. When the sportsbooks can get equal action on both sides they are guaranteed to make money on the juice. Sportsbooks aren’t trying to beat you, they’re only trying to create lines that encourage equal betting.

As an NFL football handicapper, you’re trying to beat the spread. To do this consistently takes a lot of work. It requires NFL bettors to keep up to date with player injuries, stats, win/loss records in a variety of elements, and a variety of other aspects.

If a team is doing badly, it can mean that team moral will be down, causing them to lose more. On the other hand, if they have some solid team leaders, it may piss them off and make them work harder. Knowing the type of leaders a team has can be critical if you want to beat the spread. For example, if the Ravens were off to a bad start, how would Ray Lewis respond versus another player? Lewis snorts fire, and he’d have his team working hard to regain their pride.

2013 Super Bowl Point Spread

The 2013 Super Bowl is still several months away. When we get to it, we’ll update this page with the latest Super Bowl point spread, money line, and over/under odds.

Recommended NFL Football Online Sportsbooks

  2. Bet365 (U.S. bettors not accepted)

Each of the online sportsbooks listed above offer straight bets, money line bets, and props for every NFL game of the season. Bodog has the best live betting options and interface in the industry, and handicappers can place dozens, or even hundreds of bets in a single game.

The Bodog Sportsbook is currently accepting futures wagers for the CFL, but NFL futures are closed. While 2011 Super Bowl XLV futures bets are closed, tons of prop bets will be available when it comes. And of course, the standard straight bets and money line bets will be running as well. Take a look at our futures betting page for open futures bets in other football leagues.